How Thriday wants to support your growth through lending

August 15, 2023
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Ben Winford

At Thriday, we want to support your small business to grow, expand, and manage your cashflow more successfully. We're planning on launching business lending and credit products to our members. To really nail it, we need your help.

We know that as a small business, getting approved for a loan can be a difficult journey. Most businesses struggle to get access to the capital they need to grow, expand and manage their cashflow, which can really stunt their progress.

However, the SME credit and lending market is still relatively underserved sector of the finance industry in Australia.

According to ABS data, the key reasons SMEs seek debt or equity finance are to:

  • maintain short-term cash flow
  • replace or purchase equipment or machinery
  • pursue expansion opportunities

We want to solve this problem.

At Thriday, we're planning on launching business lending and credit products for our members. Your insights will help us get it right!

All you have to do is share your experience applying for a loan or credit product by filling out the survey below (even if you were unsuccessful in your application). The survey will take between 3-7 minutes to complete. 

To thank you, we're going to give survey respondents¬†access to a¬†free¬†month of Thriday when we launch (worth $50!).‚Äć

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