New Team Member: Lillian Zhang

April 7, 2021
Ben Winford
We are thrilled to announce that Lillian Zhang has joined the team at Thrive as Junior Data Scientist. The data superstar will be joining the team from Sydney, Australia. Meet Lillian below.

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Lillian has a high-achieving background in Ecology research, and has recently switch into a career in data. She’ll will be working in the data team to build out Thrive's data engineering and data science capabilities.

A little bit more about Lillian:


Tell us a little about your most recent work experiences...

Worked at General Assembly for the last 3 months as an instructional associate for a data analytics course run for a cohort of 45 students (23 in our class).


Don’t be shy, tell us your super powers!

I'm great at handling multiple projects at once - it actually helps with my overall productivity to have at least 2 relatively different tasks/projects bouncing back and forth, because when I get stuck on project 1 and need a break, my "active rest" is working on project 2.


Share a little bit about your personal interests...

I love gardening, cuddling on the couch with my dogs and watching Netflix, playing games with my boyfriend (lately, a lot of Stardew Valley, eventually I'm going to introduce Don't Starve). I also start reading books, and sometimes I even finish them.


Which small business do you personally love the most...

There is a wildly successful cafe near where I live called SML, I like it because it's a super interesting concept for a cafe - the building was a tiny run down garage/shed that housed multiple failed businesses before the cafe and it's been entirely transformed by the current owner. Seating is on the sidewalk, they make fantastic food, and it's fascinating to see it evolve.


Favourite movie, song and food!

Gattaca, Just for Tonight - TEEKS or Magic - Coldplay, fancy vanilla ice cream.


What are you most looking forward to working on at Thrive?

I'm most excited that machine learning models and features I'll be working on will be in an actual product! That alone is mind-blowing and very cool.


Welcome, Lillian!


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