The banking & accounting platform for

Small Business

Sole Traders




We save small businesses a huge amount of time and money by automating financial admin. It's like having a bookkeeper, accountant and bank account all in one.
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Thrive banking and accounting platform for small businessesThrive Mastercard debit card
Thrive banking and accounting platform for small businesses

The banking & accounting platform for

Small Business

Sole Traders




We save small businesses a huge amount of time and money by automating financial admin
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Designed to save time & money for businesses great and small

Sole Traders

Automate accounting and tax so you can focus on your core business.

Small Businesses

Stay on track with smart notifications and spend recommendations.

Growing Businesses

Take advantage of deep business insights so you can stay one-step ahead.

Gig Workers

Start your new gig by opening a business account in minutes!


Our financial tools help you save over 60% on accountants at tax time.
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All the basics

Australia's best business account

Save time and manage your business on the go with our smart business app.
Open a business account online in minutes, not days!
Full transaction insights to track where your money goes
Instantly send and receive payments anywhere

Expenses Automated

Stay compliant with automated expense categorisation and reconciliation.
Expenses are automatically categorised
Scan and upload receipts for safekeeping
Control spending with advanced budgets
Stay secure with expense notifications

Professional Invoicing

Keep on top of your cash flow with one-touch invoicing and reminders.
Look like a pro with custom invoice templates
Automatic payment reminders
Forecast your future financial position
Get paid quicker with credit card payments 

Turbocharge your Tax

Get all your accounting and tax data seamlessly integrated in real-time.
Save time with automated reconciliation
Avoid surprises with an end of year tax forecast
Download and view all your accounting reports, including P&L
Integration with MYOB, Xero and other accounting packages

Expert Help

Your business never stops, so enjoy 24/7 support for when you need it most.
Real-time help available on call and chat
Access small business, accounting and tax experts
Connect with other small businesses for advice
About us

Who is Thrive?

Thrive is an Australian-owned digital business account for sole traders & small businesses.

Thrive was created by a team of business owners who grew frustrated with the poor quality of financial management solutions offered to small businesses.

By building an awesome business account from the ground up, our mission is to help small business owners succeed by saving the time & money associated with financial admin.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Thrive different from a bank?

We think that financial admin, accounting, tax and budgeting should be something that just happens, it shouldn’t have to ‘be done’. Our vision is to become a small business financial management platform that automates these tasks and empowers businesses to grow. 

Our economy has been built on the back of small business and we will strive every day to connect with businesses and skilled professionals to get them where they want to be, as soon as can be.

We're a team of passionate business owners, and we have seen first hand the challenges involved in running a business. We started Thrive to offer small businesses a better way to manage and maximise their money.

Is Thrive a bank?

Thrive is a business account that provides automated accounting admin, tax forecasts and invoicing. Your Thrive business account will come with a debit card, including a BSB and account number that allows you to transact and make and receive payments. 

We are not a bank. We are partnering with an existing fully registered bank to bring our account to market. This means that deposits provided through the Thrive site and apps are protected by the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS), up to $250,000 per person. Thrive also uses the latest security technology, including smart notifications, biometrics and fraud detection to protect your money & privacy.

Who can use Thrive?

We’re currently open to any Australian resident that operates a registered business structured as a partnership, sole trader or limited company. We can only ship a Thrive debit card to an Australian address, so you must have one of those as well.

When will Thrive be launched?

We’re moving full steam ahead to launch in 2021. By signing up to our waiting list you can secure priority access in our first public release, get access to exclusive deals and also stay up to date with news about our progress.

Is Thrive tax deductable?

The good news is for the majority of you - yes! You will be eligible for any subscription fees you paid for Thrive in the prior 12 months. You will need to add it to section D10 – “Cost of Managing Tax Affairs”. The fees you pay for tax return help are always tax deductible. You can read further details from the ATO here.

How does Thrive's automatic accounting work?

By transacting with your Thrive debit card and sending and receiving invoices, we can see your financial activity in real-time. Using this data we categorise these transactions according to professional accounting standards. You can also upload and scan receipts to keep track of them digitally. Thrive uses this information to identify your tax obligations, forecast your tax position and to ultimately help you maximise your tax return whilst staying compliant.

Does Thrive integrate with accounting software like MYOB & Xero?

Thrive already includes a lot of standard accounting, invoicing and financial admin services provided by other accounting software packages, however we recognise that some business owners would prefer to stick to what they already use. We will be offering integrations with these partners to reduce any friction in managing your business. Our goal is to help you succeed and save time in any way we can.

Does Thrive charge a monthly account fee?

No, Thrive will offer a market-leading free basic account that doesn’t charge any monthly account keeping fees. For access to more advanced features such as automated accounting admin, tax forecasts and invoicing, monthly fees start at $10 a month, a small drop in the ocean in comparison to the money you will save on accounting software or a bookkeeper.

Does Thrive charge ATM fees?

No, ATM access for Thrive customers will be free. Although Thrive does not charge ATM fees, some smaller financial institutions or independent ATM operators may charge fees for using their ATMs. They must display the fee at the time of the transaction and allow you to accept or decline the fee as shown.

I already have a business account, can I still use Thrive?

Thrive is perfect for existing businesses that might be suffering from the burden of managing their finances, accounting and tax requirements. When Thrive launches, you won’t need to move bank accounts if you don’t want to. You can simply just plug in your existing bank account using Open Banking (a new Australian Government initiative to allow you to share pertinent banking information with approved third parties) to see all your transactions within Thrive. This allows you to take advantage of all the great Thrive features but decide later if you want to switch everything over - which we’re confident you will! 🙂

So don’t fret if you currently have an account with ANZ, Bankwest, Bendigo Bank, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank or Westpac, you will still be able to use Thrive to make your life easier.

Articles & Blogs

Partner Deals

We've teamed up with these great Aussie companies to provide their services at a discount in order to help business owners like you.


Next generation business insurance. Get covered in minutes, without the paperwork.

Thrive has partnered with UpSure, a next generation insurance company that works with startups, technology companies and e-commerce brands helping them get covered and stay protected.

Whether you’re a new or existing business UpSure makes the process easy, fast and helps you get covered in minutes. UpSure you can also set up monthly payments reducing the burden of paying your annual premiums upfront. Get broker fees waived with THRIVE50, saving you up to $50.

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Trade Risk

Getting the right insurance for your trade business can be a nightmare. So we've partnered with Trade Risk who have helped over 10,000 tradies with their insurance.

Trade Risk provides cover for public liability, personal accident, tool insurance and more. Trade Risk have an award-winning team that have helped carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other trades to protect themselves with a range of quality insurance products.

Whether you're an existing trade business, or starting up, get your insurance with Trade Risk and enjoy a complimentary $30 voucher with Total Tools.

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Tailor Brands

Thrive has partnered with the world’s 1st AI-powered logo design and branding platform, Tailor Brands - to help you revamp your business.

With Tailor Brands you could kick start your business with easy to use:

- Professional design tools

- High-quality vector files

- Free website & domain

- Business cards & presentations

- Social media design

Whether starting up, rebranding, or just curious, design your logo for free and claim it (if you like it) for 25% off with the promo code THRIVE.

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Careers at Thrive

Join our team, and do your life's work. Thrive is looking for talented & ambitious people to join the Melbourne team.
We’re always looking for talented and enthusiastic people who want to change the world. If you’re looking for a new mission, let us know by using the application form here.

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